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Latin America: Down the Pecking Order

Latin America: Down the Pecking Order - Assessing Global Power from the Sidelines


Latin America Down the Pecking Order: Assessing Global Power From the Sidelines

April 27th, 2018

1957 E St NW

Room 214



1. Introductory Remarks 


2. Keynote Conversation: "The Summit of the Americas: Lowpoint or Juncture?" 
Cynthia McClintock, Professor of Political Science and International Affairs, The George Washington University

Michael McCarthy, Adjunct Professor, The George Washington University

  • Key Summit Takeaways

  • New panorama in Hemispheric Summits (More favorable to the US?)

3. Panel Discussion: "Latin America in the Protectionist Crossfire" 

Luis Miguel Castilla, former Minister of Economy and Finance of Peru and Ambassador to the United States
Monica de Bolle, Senior Fellow, Peterson Institute for International Economics
Margaret Myers, Director, Latin America and the World Program, Inter-American Dialogue


  • US-China trade war

    • Geopolitical and economic risks for Latin America

    • Implications for Latin America of US-China scaling-up tariffs

  • China-Latin America

    • New “Partner of choice”?

    • Opportunities for commodity exports w/ US tariffs

  • Future of TPP

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This event is on the record and open to the media