O "Backstop" Brasileiro

O backstop brasileiro: a modernização da agricultura brasileira e a sua contribuição para o desenvolvimento nacional

Dr. Mark Langevin publishes a new article in Portuguese on the "Revista Jurídica da Presdência"  v. 19, n. 119 (2018) .

ABSTRACT: This paper analyzes the role of Brazilian agriculture for the country’s economic development in the current recession scenario. First, an analysis of Brazil’s measurable gains in agricultural development over the last two decades is made. Then, the contributions of this sector to the economic and social developments in the 21st century are evaluated. The Case of Cotton is then addressed in order to illustrate Brazilian agricultural modernization and its contributions to development and trade policy. Finally, the challenges of social inclusion and environmental sustainability as primary obstacles to the deepening of Brazilian agricultural development in the 21st century are explored. 

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